About My Writing

In this blog I write about a variety of topics, as I am a very multi-faceted person.  I love adventure, the outdoors, and always being on the move, so the majority of my blogs are travel narratives.  I also love science, particularly meteorology, history, geography, and am curious about people; why we live the way we do, and interact with each other in the manner in which we do.

My writing style is partially inspired by two travel journalists; David Byrne who journaled his explorations and observations from various cities around the world on a folding bike.  And Anthony Bourdain, a world famous chef who has had various shows pertaining to traveling and eating food from different places all over the world.  Both individuals not only describe a specific destination, but also share thoughts and ideas that often get into some fairly deep topics.

I hope this blog encourages us all to find new experiences, live life to its fullest, and be true to ourselves.  There is more to life than the world of bills, nine-to-five, and trying to live up to someone else’s idea of what our lives should be.


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