Who Am I?

My name is Stephen Jaye.  I am a very curious individual with a wide variety of interests.  Some of these interests are reflected on my personal web site.  My primary interests include outdoor activities, travel, weather, and topics related to human nature.  However, I really never run out of things that peak my curiosity.

I am also really passionate about encouraging people to get more out of life.  It is my hope that my writing encourages people to find new and rewarding experiences, rethink various assumptions that are holding them back, be true to themselves.  I believe that the world is a fascinating place, ready to be explored, and that we as human beings were meant to live rich and fulfilling lives full of adventure and interesting experiences.  For me travel is a big part of that, and I share my adventures with the world.

I currently live in Denver, Colorado, but have previously lived in New York, as well as various places throughout the Midwest, mostly in and around Chicago.  For the last several years, I have been enjoying what Colorado and the West have to offer – mountains, activities, and unique natural scenery.  However, I enjoy traveling to other places too, including different parts of the country, as well as foreign lands.



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